Welcome to ETHOS Lending: Mortgages Made For You

ETHOS Lending is not just another mortgage company. We're driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to provide honest, transparent, and trustworthy lending services across the United States. Founded by Dino Katsiametis, our team is dedicated to revolutionizing the mortgage experience for every homeowner.

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The Right Mortgage, For Your Families Needs

Extending our search beyond typical lenders, we discover loan options tailored to your needs. Whatever your employment status, from salaried to entrepreneurial, we locate excellent loan choices for you. Count on us for expert guidance and support throughout the entire process.


We scour the market for today’s best rates for your needs. Then go the extra mile to support you with expert advice and a fast, seamless experience.


Fantastic Experience

Outstanding communication, simplified the entire process for me as a first-time buyer. The Nelson Family Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

Meet Dino Katsiametis

Our Visionary Leader

Dino Katsiametis isn't your typical CEO. With a passion for empowering homeowners and a commitment to ethical business, he's the driving force behind ETHOS Lending. With Dino at the helm, you can trust that you're in the best hands every step of the way.


Our ETHOS: Integrity and Values at the Core

At ETHOS Lending, integrity isn't just a buzzword – it’s the core of our business philosophy. Rooted in the Greek concept of "character," our ethos influences every aspect of how we operate. Transparency, honesty, and trust are not optional extras; they're fundamental principles that shape every interaction with our clients.


Leading with Clarity and Integrity

Navigating the mortgage landscape can be daunting. That's why we're here to make it simple. ETHOS Lending cuts through the complexity with clear communication and ethical practices. No hidden fees, no fine print – just straightforward solutions tailored to your needs.


Your Family Partner in Financial Wellness

At ETHOS Lending, we’re different from other loan originators, we're partners in your long-term financial journey. Whether you're buying your first home or refinancing your mortgage, we'll provide personalized guidance and expert advice to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.


Excellence in Every Transaction

Trust is earned, not given. That's why we're committed to excellence in everything we do. From our customer service to our loan products, we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience for every client.

Executive Team


Dino Katsiametis


My 25-year track record of success in the mortgage industry has been based on performing without compromise, timely execution, and delivering on promises. Now, with the innovative approach of Ethos Lending I’m achieving my ambition of disrupting the archaic practices of the mortgage industry and I promise a refreshingly different experience for Loan Officers and clients.


Michael Mannino

President & Chief Financial Officer

I am dedicated to guiding strategic financial decisions and driving operational excellence. With my CPA and over twenty years experience in audits and tax preparation, I've led financial operations for companies with revenues exceeding $500 million. My role at Ethos Lending Inc. is to help guide the company as we fulfill our mission of supporting individuals and families build generational wealth through homeownership.


Nancy Davidson

Chief Operations Officer

With extensive executive experience in the mortgage industry, I bring a proven track record of driving success through strategic leadership and efficient management. I’m passionate about  optimizing operations and supporting our team in achieving their full potential. My commitment to efficiency, innovation, and empowering team members to achieve their full potential aligns perfectly with Ethos's mission of delivering exceptional service and results.


Ian Nelson

Creative Director

With over two decades of leadership in marketing, media production, and branding, I bring a wealth of experience in creating resonant strategies and fostering teamwork. As a founder and operator of multiple ventures, I’m passionate about brand strategy, product design, and storytelling, and driving collective success. My commitment to empowerment ensures sustainable growth and deep audience connections.

Choose ETHOS Lending for Your Mortgage Needs

In the complex mortgage landscape, it can be hard to know where to turn for the best advice.

Guided by our founder, Dino Katsiametis, we're dedicated to reshaping the mortgage lending landscape with an unwavering commitment to integrity that sets us apart from the rest.

Trust ETHOS Lending to become your partner in your homeownership journey, and let us guide you towards lasting financial security and prosperity.

Ready to experience a better way to mortgage? Get in touch with us today.

We’ll be Right Here For You

We’re here for you from start to finish, but you won't be hassled by calls from our lenders. Have questions? Just ask.


Why Choose ETHOS?

Who has time to go to different banks to explain their situation and to understand their mortgage options? We'll use our expertise to discover solutions you didn't know were possible and secure the funding you deserve.

Our dashboard makes it easy. Request your pre-approval in less than 5 minutes. Upload your documents to lock in the best rate. Receive your full approval within 48 hours! An ETHOS Loan Expert is always on hand to advise and answer any questions.

We shop around for great deals. Our rate comparisons make selecting the best option for your home ownership goals easy and our Loan Officers are here for you with expert advice.

No worries about a great deal slipping through your fingers due to frustrating approval delays. Our fast, seamless funding process ensures you'll soon be on your way to securing that dream property.

Lock in optimum terms at current interest rates so your home payments remain affordable. Or update your repayment schedule to create more equity!

Take advantage of the equity you've built in your home with cash-out refinancing. It's your money - to spend however you want!

Some are household names, while newer players offer ultra-competitive options to challenge their established rivals. We'll work with them to ensure you lock in the best terms possible.

We Deliver on Our Promises


Smooth buying process

I can't believe that the whole process of getting a mortgage and moving was so fast and painless. ETHOS supported us at every step of the way - always friendly, professional and ready to listen. Thank you again.

The Nelson Family Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

Great experience

We're truly grateful as we look back on achieving the milestone of securing our home. ETHOS went above and beyond, turning our dreams into reality. While other lenders turned us away, they stood by our side, asking, 'Why not?' We appreciate the incredible journey we've been on with ETHOS and can't thank you enough.

The Curtis Family San Juan Capistrano, CA

Smooth buying process

I was finding the process of getting a mortgage pretty overwhelming - it's such a big decision. Once I found ETHOS, I knew I was in good hands. They explained all the options, and the process was smooth and fast. Overall, a great experience.

The Johnson Family Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

You Bring the Dream. We’ve Got the Mortgage.